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We help brands increase brand awareness and sell more products through advertising on Amazon and Bol.com. Our advertising strategies are tailored to your brand and tailored to each of your products.

Why Advertise?

Marketplace advertising is interesting for three reasons. First of all, marketplace advertising offers a great return on advertising spend. On average our return on advertising spend (ROAS) on marketplaces is 700% (7:1).  Secondly, marketplace advertising offers a great way to increase awareness, because marketplaces are an important entry point in the customer journey. For example, in the US more 60% of all product searches start at Amazon. Finally, marketplace advertising can help you to gain marketshare at the expense of competitors. You can show your ads directly at the product pages of your main competitors.

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Amazon Advertising

Launching Q2 2020: Bol.com Advertising

Amazon offers great ways to reach new customers through advertising. Our approach to Amazon Advertising consists of multiple steps. Depending on your brand, and your company’s preferences we typically follow the following steps:

how to sell on Amazon
sell on Amazon

1: Advertising Strategy

During a free intake we’d love to hear more about your products, your brand, your brand’s positioning, and your goals. Subsequently, we analyse the competition. Then, together, we determine the best way for you to advertise your brands and products.

how to sell on Amazon

2: Optimize Listings

Even the best advertising campaign won’t boost your sales if your conversion rate is zero. Therefore, depending on your budget, we optimize your product listings and branded content (a+ content + store front) before we start advertising. Optimized listings include great visuals, right texts and keywords targeting the right keywords.

sell on Amazon
verkopen op Amazon

3. Advertising

Amazon offers a multitude of ways to advertise. Depending on the advertising strategy, we select the best ways that help you reach your goals fastest.

selling on Amazon

4. Test & Improve

Our data driven approach to marketing helps us to continuously test and improve the ads we created. In addition, we constantly fine tune the allocation of your advertising budget such that your budget is invested in the ads that give you the greatest bang for you buck. If your advertising goal is to maximize profits, then we also track each ads profitability. Is an ad unprofitable? Then we switch is off. Hence, marketing is an investment and not a cost.

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