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Automate your marketplace business. You produce your products and we handle everything else. We manage your products, brand, logistics, and customer support.
To find out if your company is eligible for the Growth services we will conduct a – free – Marketplace Assessment, ready within five business days.

Automate product management

We’ll analyse and rank your products to help you decide which products to launch on a marketplace.

Subsequently, we’ll launch your products using our proprietary strategies. We will continuously optimise your listings such that your products will always rank well in search results. In addition, we will always help you to increase your products’ review percentage. Plus, we’ll monitor reviews to provide your customers with an unparalleled experience.

Furthermore, our team of translators will translate your listings such that you can reach your (potential) customers on every marketplace in every country.


Automate branding

We protect your brands against counterfeits and other sellers. Our propriatary systems will inform us when counterfeits appear or third party sellers start selling your products. Subsequently, we’ll take action to make sure you’re protected.

Branding. Together, we’ll devise a strategy on how to represent your brand on marketplaces. For example, on Amazon, we help you get a dedicated Store Page, Enhanced Brand Content and room for video under each of your product listings. Our goal is to have your customers experience your brand as if their purchasing from your own website.

Automate logistics

Marketplaces like Amazon maintain a strict “Inventory Performance”-score. Do you have too much inventory? Then you don’t only pay higher fees but you also risk having restrictions placed on your account which restrict the amount of products you’re allowed to ship in. Running out of stock? Then you risk losing your product ranking. We manage inventory across marketplaces and let you know exactly when it’s best to start shipping new batches.

Door-to-door logistics. We’ll collect your product at the factory and make sure they arrive at your customers in time. With our network of local warehouses we can also set up a system for returns handling and inspection.

We continuously monitor shipping costs such that we can reduce your shipping rates. We also help you to optimise your packaging, because a 1 cm difference in the packaging dimensions can result in a 50% decrease in shipping costs.

customer management
customer management

Automate customer support

Managing customer requests in different languages and across time zones can be challenging. With our team of customer service representatives we will provide support using the tone of voice that you want your brand to convey.

We make sure that you meet the strict requirements imposed by each marketplace on customer support and always look to surprise by trumping your customer’s expectations.

Using our tested review strategy we will not only make sure your products receive a constant stream of customer reviews, our customer support will also help you convert negative reviews to positive ones.


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